NeuroAffective Touch Professional somatic training that introduces psychotherapists
and bodyworkers to the use of touch as a vital bridge to body-mind integration

NeuroAffective Touch® in Norway Oslo 2020/2021

Dr. Aline LaPierre

Why is touch important?

Touch is the foundation of our relational experience. Scientific evidence has shown that attuned, caring touch is critically important for normal brain development as well as for healthy emotional and cognitive maturation.

NeuroAffective Touch® is a professional somatic training that introduces psychotherapists and bodyworkers to touch as a vital therapeutic bridge to body-mind integration. The training addresses attachment, emotional, and relational deficits that cannot be reached by verbal means alone.

NeuroAffective Touch® was created by Dr. Aline LaPierre, clinician, author, teacher, and Vice President of the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy and Deputy Editor of the International Journal of Body Psychotherapy (IBPJ)


NATouch™ 2021 Foundation Training

Healing the Relational Matrix: Renegotiating Developmental and Relational Trauma Training with Aline LaPierre is now coming to Oslo, Norway. The professional training includes 2 modules of 6 days each.

  • Module 1: 21 – 26 May 2021
  • Module 2: 28 Aug – 2 Sept 2021.

The training will take place in central Oslo; Rosenborgata 3. We will start the training at 09.15 AM and end at 17.15 PM.

The training is a combination of theoretical knowledge, clinical tools, and hands-on practice by Aline LaPierre and her team of assistants.

ACCEPTANCE in the training is a 3-Step Process



  • Total price for the training(both modules): 26.500 NOK

  • Super Early Bird until 1 March 2021: 24.000 NOK

After you have signed up you will receive an email with detailed payment instructions and general terms.

We are offering payment plans for those who prefer to split the amount into smaller portions, please contact us.

Contact information: Anki Karr


Please see the application form below.

NAT Norge

When there are no words, when words are not enough,
or when words get in the way

Learn the key somatic and touch protocols that help resolve attachment and early emotional and relational trauma.


Due to the uncertainty associated with the Covid virus, we are considering different solutions for NATouch training in Oslo in 2021.

If the travel restrictions are lifted over the spring, both Module I and Module II will be held in Oslo.

In addition, both Modules will be streamed so that those who want to participate online can do so. We will make a decision regarding Module I probably in February. As all participants must be approved, we recommend that those who are interested to register on our website. Then you will receive more detailed information about the training and updates via e-mail.

Once the final decision on the format has been made, you will have the opportunity to give final notice whether you will participate or not.

If we have more participants than seats then those who have registered first will be given the offer first.


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